We enable lenders to give customers better credit terms automatically when they meet prescribed financial goals

Upgrade your existing card offerings with our white-labeled credit incentive solution

A brand-new credit customer experience

Backed by modern behavioral psychology, Jupiter's transparent, dynamic pricing system gamifies financial improvement

Meet Goals

Each month, meet prescribed Goals related to healthy financial habits

Earn Points

Each Goal is worth a certain number of Points

Level Up

"Level Up" by accumulating Points over time - each Level comes with better credit limits & interest rates

Jupiter's algorithm sets the Point values of each Goal to optimize risk management and customer engagement

Being on your customer's side is a win-win proposition

Jupiter puts your customer in the driver's seat



Build financial habits & monitor improvement
Lower customer risk
Earn better terms, faster
Encourage (healthy) card utilization
Get the best terms possible without needing to switch cards
Build loyalty & customer retention

Don't just take our word for it

In a recent product survey, we asked potential cardholders: "How would you describe this card to a friend?"

”…takes all the guess work out of improving your credit…you get rewarded for adulting well!!"

Erin D


“…great for setting goals and being motivated to meet them”

Alicia B


“Lets you keep your beginning credit card and level up to master level"

Mary A


“...a card where you control
how far you go”

Robert F


"User friendly and easy to
understand, transparency."

Sandra K


"Great benefits, extras that
other cards do not offer"

Gary T


For banks, credit unions, fintechs and other issuers

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For individuals interested in Jupiter Card

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