The card that's as growth-oriented as you are.

The first credit that allows you to earn better interest rates, credit limits and cash back rewards, each month.

Show good habits, get better terms. Ready for a new relationship with your credit card?
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Meet goals, get rewarded.

Think of Jupiter as a tool to help you take control of your finances. As you meet monthly Jupiter Goals (like spending less than you make, or adding to your savings) you’ll earn points that will make your card feel out of this world.
Better cashback
Each month, your cash back percentage is based on the Points you earn from meeting Jupiter Goals—more healthy behavior, more cash back.
Better credit terms
Points earned from meeting Jupiter Goals are added to your Lifetime Point balance. As you accumulate Lifetime Points, you "Level-up" and each Level comes with progressively better credit limits and interest rates.
Track your progress
Jupiter Goals help you monitor your financial habits, and Leaderboards allow you to compare the Points you've earned to others.

Get the deal you deserve, forever.

Jupiter is the only credit card that shows you how to build better money habits and rewards you with better terms as you do
  • You're in control (not the other way around)
    Credit cards shouldn’t be out to “get” you. At Jupiter Card, earn points by meeting goals related to your financial habits. We're helping you take control of your financial decisions.
  • Earn better credit terms and rewards, faster
    Each month, points you’ve earned help lower your interest rate, raise your credit limit and increase your cash back rewards. It’s that simple.
  • No annual fee
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We do better when you do better.

How does Jupiter do it?

We want you to reach your financial potential.

As you show better habits, that means less risk for us: you deserve the terms you'll earn.

With Jupiter, we're helping you get there, and we reward you faster than others.

Hear from Jupiter's CEO  on why financial products should help people achieve their financial potential.

Why wait to build healthy money habits?

We're hard at work building the technology and partnerships behind Jupiter Card and expect to launch mid-2023. In the meantime, hop on our waitlist to receive curated articles from financial experts, company updates and exclusive access to our product prototypes.

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