October 14, 2022

Financial Tips for Young Adults

Valerie Mellema
Fortune 500 Editorial Contributor

If you're a young adult working for the first time and looking forward to setting yourself up for a financially secure future, it's not too soon to learn some valuable financial tips. When you take control of your finances earlier in life, you have a better opportunity to increase your savings, make wise investments, and avoid bad decisions that could potentially lead to debt and financial frustration. Now that you're a young adult, it's a great idea to prioritize putting your finances first and taking steps that will put you in an excellent position for years to come. Check out the following tips that can help you on this exciting journey.

#1. It’s Okay to Get a Credit Card

How often has someone told you that it's best not to get a credit card if you want to avoid debt? You may have heard this time and time again. While it's true that having a credit card can lead to debt, it doesn't have to turn out that way if you're responsible with your spending. In fact, it's a good idea to apply for a credit card to build your credit, something you need to have. Good credit leads to lower interest rates and can help you get approved for things like car loans, home loans, rental properties, and more.

Choose the Right Credit Card to Use

If you plan to apply for a credit card, take the time to read the fine print. Go for a card that doesn't charge an annual fee and offers a lower interest rate than other options. If you have a card with higher interest rates, you'll pay more than you want to! Once you have the credit card, use it to make small purchases and pay it off by the end of the month. If you take these steps, you can build good credit in no time without going into debt.

Know How to Pay Off a Credit Card

If you need to use the credit card for an emergency expense but can't pay it off in full by the statement date, don't stress yourself out over it. Instead, make sure you're paying a little more than the minimum. A good rule of thumb is to double whatever your minimum monthly payment may be to get that debt paid off at a faster pace.

#2. Set a Budget, Even If You Make Decent Money

Go through your finances and set a budget for yourself, even if you're not living paycheck to paycheck. Sometimes, young adults don't think they need to make a budget because they're making good money, so these individuals often splurge on vacations, clothes, shoes, and other items they don't necessarily need. While there is nothing wrong with treating yourself, especially when you work hard for your money, sticking to a budget will help you become more disciplined as you build a savings account.

Build Your Savings Account with Money You’ve Saved

Having a savings account is always good because you never know what kinds of unexpected emergencies will pop up during your lifetime. If you're budgeting your money, spending primarily on basic necessities and adding the rest into a savings account, you can watch your money grow over the years while you work your way to financial freedom.

#3. Use Cash More Often

Although you can use a debit or credit card to pay for goods or services at your convenience, paying for these items with cash is an excellent way to ensure you're not surpassing your budget. If you only have a set amount of money in your hands, you'll know that you can't splurge and add many unnecessary items to your cart. It saves you money in the long run while keeping you from spending on things you don't need.

#4. Try Side Hustles to Bring in Extra Cash

You can skip this step if you don't have enough time for side hustles. However, if you feel bored throughout the week, use that time wisely because you won't always have the spare time to do these things. Now more than ever, it's become incredibly easy to find side hustles to do at your leisure, working when you want to bring in extra cash. You can complete side hustles to make extra money that goes into your savings account, helping you save up for things you want or need, such as a home, a new car, and other essentials.


Now that you've reached adulthood, it's vital to know how to manage your finances while working on experiencing financial stability and security in the future. There are many ways to succeed with your finances, from getting a credit card to build your credit to budgeting, paying in cash more often, and even getting involved in side hustles to make more. If you take your finances seriously at an earlier age, you have a significantly better chance of achieving better results.

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