October 27, 2022

5 Best Investing Apps (For Beginners)

Valerie Mellema
Fortune 500 Editorial Contributor

Have you decided that you'd like to start investing? Taking this approach is a surefire way to increase your chances of building an impressive portfolio with the potential to build generational wealth. However, you'll need to know how to start making the most well-informed investing decisions. As a beginner, there are several apps you can benefit from to dive into the world of investments, starting small while working your way up to larger, more significant opportunities. Check out this list of the five best investing apps available for beginners!

#1. Selfwealth

Building generational wealth is one of the primary reasons behind investing. Selfwealth, a stock market platform that simplifies the trading process, makes it easy for anyone to get involved in investing. As one of the fastest-growing companies in Australia, millions of people are using it to learn more about how to invest their money into something that helps them earn a greater return. Selfwealth has a market in many areas, including Australia, the United States, and Hong Kong, and is a platform catering to millions of people worldwide. 

Ideal for those looking to make long-term investments, Selfwealth offers a lengthy list of stocks worth investing in while providing countless tools to enhance the experience, such as safety ratings, investment tracking, research and reporting, and more! The app makes it easy for you to understand what goes into investing and then make your decisions based on the valuable information you've attained. 

#2. Freetrade

When you're a beginner interested in making small investments, Freetrade is an excellent investing app. You can create a general investing account at an affordable rate and immediately get started. The fully transparent app provides the information needed to decide what to invest your funds into while you get the hang of the process. Many options are available, including fractional shares, ETF and investment trusts, and US, UK, and European stocks. When you have questions or need support, help is available, making Freetrade even more enjoyable to use for someone who might not have as much experience in investing as the pros who've been doing it for years.

#3. eToro

EToro is a fun social investing platform that allows individuals to invest in different US stocks. So not only can you learn how to make profitable investments, but you can also gain valuable knowledge and insights from others with plenty of investing experience. You'll have the option of investing in stocks, crypto, and more. EToro also provides you with $100K worth of virtual (fake) money to test out different investments and improve your skills before you put real money into this process. It's a great way to get the practice you need to increase your chances of earning a return on what you're spending.

#4. Superhero

If you like the thought of learning how to invest in both Aussie and US shares, Superhero is one app you don't want to miss out on using. It doesn't cost a thing to join, and you can fund your account when you're ready to make your first investment. The great thing about Superhero is that it makes investing straightforward instead of stressful and complicated. Those skeptical about investing can use the app to get started. While using the app to invest, you'll have access to live market data, comprehensive portfolio reporting, and fractional shares, to name a few. Funding your account takes seconds. Once you've funded your account, you can get started. Many current users appreciate the transparent pricing, knowing how much they'll need to put into their accounts to make their first investments on the app.

#5. AvaTrade Australia

Enjoy the most empowering investing experience with AvaTrade Australia. The trusted app provides opportunities for all kinds of investors, whether it's your first, third, or fifteenth investment. While using the app, you'll have access to dozens of trading opportunities enabling you to diversify your investment portfolio even further. From options like Tesla, gold, crude oil, and crypto, you can find what you feel is worth investing in and then put funds into it while watching to see the return you can earn. 

In addition, AvaTrade offers resources to help beginner investors learn more about the step-by-step process involved in investing, answering many questions newbies often have when they first decide to get involved in investments. You can even watch their convenient video tutorials to see how it's done beforehand.


If you're relatively new to investing and would like to build an impressive portfolio to increase your chances of generating wealth from your investments, these are some of the best apps to use to get started. Each of these five apps provides some of the most valuable information you can use to your advantage to make the best decisions and earn the most significant return possible. Before you know it, you’ll have a diverse portfolio consisting of multiple investments you’ve made to set yourself up for financial success and a stable, more financially secure retirement.

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