A word from our CEO

What does it mean to be "creditworthy"?  Is it how well you've used debt in the past?  Is it the income that you earn?  Is it how much you stick to your budget?  Is it how much you know about personal finances?

Well, those things may be part of it, but we believe that's missing the big picture. The word credit comes from a Latin word meaning trust.  Does the current credit system correctly capture the complete picture of how trustworthy you are?  Is it sophisticated enough to see you for what you're capable of?

We believe that too often, people that ARE trustworthy, people that ARE high character don't have credit scores or credit terms that reflect that.  Our country's credit system should have more of a responsibility in bridging this gap.  Too often there are inconsistencies in the financial education resources people have and incentives systems that only push you to spend and borrow as much as possible.  

This issue is personal for me.  I've seen too many of my family members - those that I look to as role models - struggle with their finances.  Bad financial habits picked up when they were young led to money problems that never seemed to go away.  Getting married, having kids, buying a home (and others' life events) came with new expenses and new stresses.  Some of the most high-character people I know have had a lifetime of money problems that 1) they didn't deserve, and 2) could have been prevented with a better system.

Our mission is to correct the misalignment between people's character and what their credit terms say about them.  To do that, we're bringing credit into the modern age: a system that is real-time, transparent and reflects ALL of who you are.  

Jupiter Goals help keep you on track and build financial success - we want to incentivize you to make healthy financial decisions.  Our Goals are also exactly how we measure your creditworthiness - we're giving you the keys to unlock better credit terms over time.

And, as you improve, you don't have to wait for your rewards and credit terms to keep up.  Our system adjusts faster and is more dynamic than anything that's existed in the past - you're getting the deal you deserve at all times.  The old system is clunky and slow; we're turning it into a seamless reflection of who you are, right now.  

We believe in the positive potential people have, in their finances and in life.  We have this crazy thought that if we can help people reach that potential, maybe then they'll reward us with their loyalty.  We are creating a system that puts YOU in control, a system where both sides (you and Jupiter) can both win.

Peter Rhines
CEO, Jupiter Card